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Save me from the Éclairs

I am passionate about many things, my kids, my family,  my work, gardening, reading and most of all, sad to say, éclairs! I wish I was not ecstatic about éclairs, they are a weakness, an albatross on my hips and waistline; I can’t pass them up when I see them. Oh the horror!


I am trying to get this Keto lifestyle down pat and, WHAMO, enter the mighty éclair. It’s annoying. So my new goal or passion in life will be to make my own keto friendly éclair (if that is even possible) and keep my passion for this creamy, chocolatey confection of dough to a keto level or forever give up my love for this food. One less passion to worry about!


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This is harder than I thought

I wish I had that perfect life; the perfect weight, the perfect personality, the perfect job (although my job is perfect for me!); not sure of anyone who does or if it’s really all that it’s cracked up to be. I love my Keto plan but it’s much harder than I thought it would be. I don’t expect anything to be easy in life, but it would help if I could just get past all the hurdles, rely on willpower and make this behavior change for good. I am a carb addict; there is no doubt in my mind that carbs are in fact, my soul mate. I physically feel better when I focus on protein, healthy fats and vegetables, but my body craves carbs; craves and subliminally tells my inner being they are necessary to my existence. If I was not employed full-time, doing copious amounts of behind the scenes work at a local nonprofit, if my kids were self sustainable, and I was not my father’s chef, I MAY be able to overcome these obstacles. The fact of the matter is, these are excuses and they are exactly what is preventing me from a successful life-altering eating behavior change. Are there success stories out there of people who felt all was hopeless and then just made it happen? I know I have to work hard and be committed and I am to the overall end result… How do I make my inner self (the self that seemingly controls all of me), understand the importance of losing weight and being healthy?

Carbs and me

This is truly what I look like and I have done this with Nutella!



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Feeling Good

There are always good days and bad days. I feel so much better since starting this Keto, Paleo, Raw food eating plan. I’ve made it through some hurdles and yet I expect there are more to follow. But I am ready for them. I have decided to start a fun exercise program as well. In-line skating! I get bored walking and running is out of the question, at least for right now. My road was recently blacktopped so it’s ideal for skating and biking. Once I get all the equipment I need, I am excited to give this a try. I love having this new found energy and plan to ride the wave as long as I can.


This is not to say that I have been perfect on this plan. I have had many weak moments but I do recognize why and when they all happen! The important thing is I don’t dwell on them, I acknowledge them and move on and correct the behavior or reason why I caved! Usually, it’s hormonal or boredom, another reason to get out and skate. Hormonal eating is almost impossible to correct, but I am trying to have snacks on hand that fit my eating style.  An afternoon smoothie seems to do the trick at times!

The reason I am posting is to let you know we are all human; we all have weak moments, but we can fix them and not focus on the negative. I know many people, when I ask how they are, always respond with a negative. It takes way more energy to be negative than it does to say something light-hearted and optimistic! I will always be conscious of how I respond to people and do my best to make them feel better about life and themselves! Afterall, we are all in this together!

Peace! Jeanne ❤


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Keto Flu – Not Jeano Fun!

I was aware that there was this thing called “Keto Flu“; what I was not aware of was how badly it can kick your rear end! I experienced a small fever and general malaise Monday late afternoon, felt achy and tired and just like crap. Not like me at all. I rarely get sick and when I do I am a baby about it. Tuesday morning I woke up and felt ok, so off to work I went. By 11 am I felt like I had been kicked in the knees, hit by a bus, rolled by a steam roller. I knew I had a fever and a headache moved into the picture. Not a migraine or a really eye squinter headache but a dull constant thumping that ran down into my neck and shoulders. I was sick. I left work early, another first for me and crawled into bed.

Keto Flu.png

Now I live with my dad who is going through some memory issues, after all that he has been through I understand why. I told him I was sick and going to bed and he looked worried and concerned. I have room darkening shades, a fan by my head which I turned on the battle the fever and a warm, soft mink blanket to keep the chills at bay. Instant sleep. My dad checked on me every thirty minutes or so which was very endearing but a little annoying as well since sleep was what I needed.

Wednesday, woke up ok, and again by 11:00 am I was feverish and achy. I could barely sit up let alone walk; all my bones ached. More sleep, more forcing liquids in; water that just didn’t taste good, tried some chicken noodle soup, remembered why I hate soup especially canned; just too much salt. Tried sorbet, too sweet, water forcing, still tasted like yuck. Thursday I was finally feeling well enough long enough to research my symptoms and ran across an article on Keto Flu; so that is what I decided all this was. (Not too sure about the fever but I’m going with it).

So keep all this in mind, since this “flu” has passed, I have more energy, my cravings, especially my 2:00 pm afternoon “give me sugar or salt or feel my wrath” cravings have all subsided. The urge to pick up food while out and about is gone, I want good, clean homemade meals. I am feeling good about weight loss and getting healthy for the first time that I can remember in over 20 years. I feel liberated and in control. I feel stronger and happier. I suspect there may be some setbacks but I am feeling positive I can get through all of them. I feel good!

Who are you and what have you done to my body and mind? Ever so hopeful this is the lifestyle change I have been waiting for!     ~~Jeanne ❤


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Why Keto/Paleo/All Natural?

I was always a chubby child; “big boned” my relatives used to say. I was healthy and active though. Played softball through high school and beyond; I’d give anything to return to those days, life was better.

I first recognized my own weight issue when I got married; with pregnancy number one, and some rather troublesome hormonal issues, I gained 85 pounds. I went from a 220 to a 305 real quick. By pregnancy number two, and still some crazy hormonal imbalances, I gained 15 pounds and he was 10 of it. All the weight from pregnancy one and the little bit from pregnancy two never came off and It’s still here.

I have hovered between 308 lbs and 322 lbs for over 20 years now. I am not an over eater, I do not eat a bag or box of anything in one sitting and I’m not a closet eater or hoard-stasher. I like food, and may not eat the best things all the time but for the most part, I am very conscious of what goes in my mouth. When I spent a year tracking what I ate, I realized that I was having a very difficult time reaching my daily caloric intake. Undereating can be just as bad as overeating when it comes to fat storage. Then I spent eight months walking, after work, 2-3 times a week a mile or a little more each time. No weight loss; I will say I felt better and was less winded but no weight came off the scale. No inches off my measurements. Na-da.

So then I found Dr. Ashburn, at the Hudson Valley Weight Loss Center. Sitting with my sister through his one-hour seminar hopefully will change, if not, save, my life. I learned about ketosis and the benefits of a high-fat low-carb eating plan for bodies who do not respond to more conventional weight loss methods. My first thought was high fat? Fat is bad. Actually, I learned that good fat is, well, good. Trans fat you need to stay away from but other fats, like saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats, in moderation, can work with weight loss. He talked about cortisol levels and a variety of nutrients that get depleted in your system with years of excess weight. Interestingly enough he said that high cortisol levels will increase fat storage, and an exercise like walking will increase your cortisol levels. I was intent on listening. He mentioned something called Keto Coffee; Dr. Ashburn said “have you ever put butter, good butter, into your coffee? You should really try it”. It sounded repulsive. Ruin coffee with butter? The nerve. I was intrigued, however, the very next morning there I was putting grass fed, salted butter into my coffee. I did not do it the best/right way but I still loved it. Then I looked up recipes for it; here’s what I use and it’s the best coffee – EVER! No lie, you’ll never go back to regular coffee again once trying this:

Keto Coffee:    

8 ounces brewed (hot) organic coffee (decaf is fine too, just make sure it’s organic)

1 tablespoon salted, grass fed butter

1 tablespoon coconut oil

*Put all ingredients in a super blender or Bullet* (I love, love, love my Magic Bullet product!) and mix well; pour into your favorite mug and sprinkle with cinnamon. (I’m craving it now, just writing about it)! For a touch of sweetness, I will add 1 teaspoon of Coconut sugar on occasion.

So being the stubborn bull that I am (Taurus’ are loveable though, right?), I decided not to join Dr. Ashburn’s 40-day program but to do my own research and make this all happen. I knew what I had to do and I knew that the Keto lifestyle might actually work. After visiting several dozen websites, I realized I needed to morph my program a little and incorporate some Paleo aspects in as well. My sister is my guide through all this having studied Integrative Nutrition, I do value her opinion. So I am truly not alone.

I am hopeful that I can get through this; to make the changes I know I so desperately need to make to live healthy and happy. I hope that you enjoy my journey along the way. My trials and tribulations are here to help you, and me, cope with adversity, lifestyle change, critique, and criticism. There is danger lurking around every corner. People, some are friends and family, that will tempt you and many times unknowingly sabotage your efforts. Be weary and steadfast; we CAN get through this! We WILL succeed!